At this point, we would like to thank everyone who has helped us on our artistic journey, without whom neither the website, the recording nor the photos would have been possible.

We would also like to thank Reinhard Simon and Wolfgang Hilse for the many beautiful photos; Sonja Ramm for the website and the good coffee; Axel Kriegel for the lovely recordings which he unfortunately never delivered to us, as a result of which we successfully recorded our first CD in the "on air studio" with Ahmed Chouraqui; António, Paulo, Maria, Mónia, Nelo and Luis for proofreading the lyrics and improving the Portuguese used therein; Angelique Gurule for Extravagante's logo; Frank Sydow for the many beautiful, colorful posters and fliers; Anita for the advanced payment of the CD production cost; Radio Multikulti for the fine concert promotion and various radio interviews; Andreas Vick for the good tips; Patrick Prior for the legal counceling; the Kreuzberg Tax Office for their patience; Sila for the wonderful massages; Mathias Milbredt for the medical assistance; Marek Foeller for his driving services; Jan Kalb for his car; Nelo Rafael for the singing equipment; our neighbors for their strong nerves and the Junction Bar for the relaxing of our neighbors' nerves! A special thanks goes to Steve for translating the website into English.