Daniel Pircher

 Benjamin Walbrodt



Founded Summer 2001

first concert at the FFFestival (Dresden) January 10th 2002

since March 2002 regular concerts at Max and Moritz

April 23rd 2002 musical illustrations to the audio book
„The Striped Cat and the Swallow Sinha"

Hr2-Audio Book Best List (September 2002)
Institut for Child Media Research
CD/MC of the month (May 2003)

May 2002 first production of a demo CD

February 2002 the percussionist Zito Ferreira joins Extravagante.

Publication of the world music sampler Neukölner Welten

Since Fall 2004 regular concerts at Cafe Forum

2006 production of the first album

2008 release of the first music video



04 and 03.Mai.2008

09.November 2006

20. Mai 2006

20. November 2004             

25. April 2004

31. January 2004

22. February 2003

Sandsation - Berlin

Herzgrün love songs in the greenhouse
Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz

Junction Bar (Berlin)

Gut-Gerdshagen (Gerdshagen)

Werkstatt 3 (Hamburg)

at the 30. anniversary of the
La Luz Osram Höfe (Berlin)

Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut
long night of the museums (Berlin)

José Afonso memorial concert
Passionskirche (Berlin)