Band Biography

 Benjamin Walbrodt

Daniel Pircher was born in 1972 in Berlin. He was ten when he moved to Portugal where at the age of 11, he began playing the Guitar.

Three years later when he was 14, he founded his first rock band, of which he was also the lead singer.

At the same age, Daniel played the bass guitar on his father’s record (“Amor Perfeito”).

Daniel’s father, Armin Pircher, was also involved with Portuguese music at this time. He played the flute and guitar in several folk music groups.

This involvement of Daniel’s father awakened Daniel’s interest in Portuguese music. After being a member of some Rock and Pop bands, Daniel finally concentrated on Portuguese music.

In 1996, he founded the group "Filhos Da Madrugada" in which he played classical guitar. The group dissolved shortly after their first CD “O Andarilho Continua” in 1998 on the grounds of artistic differences.

After this, his first Portuguese band, Daniel got involved in Mongolian music and studied traditional Mongolian Overtone singing from the Summer of 1998 onwards.
At the same time, he had a small label and produced electronic music and published several techno samplers.
In 2000, in addition to the classical guitar, he began playing the Portuguese guitar. He started performing with this instrument in 2001 when he established the band "Fado Incorporated", which later became "Trio Fado" .

In the same year, Daniel also formed the group “Extravagante” together with cellist Benjamin Walbrodt. The repertoire of "Extravagante" consists of Daniel Pircher’s compositions as well as interpretations of several pieces from José Afonso and other Portuguese composers.

In 2003, the group "Terrakottonium" was founded. The Terrakottonium is an instrument which is constructed from a metal scaffolding (which is approximately three by four meters big), to which Crete clay pots are attached, which are in turn played with a felt covered stick. Besides this instrument, Daniel’s Overtone singing is in the foreground of this band’s performance.